True Parents’ Special Breakfast Banquet for Leaders, True Parents' Message (March 2, 2018)


True Parents’ Special Breakfast Banquet for Leaders, True Parents' Message

March 2, 2018, Cheon Jeong Gung

Right now, True Parents are conducting blessing activities around the world. These blessing activities are the true family movement. True Family! True Parents, through the marriage blessing, are making true families in the presence of fallen humankind, which cannot properly attend God.Those true families each have responsibilities. Humankind's wish is to live with God in a world where we can live as children to Heavenly Parent, as one human family! Then conflicts, wars, and all the difficulties occurring throughout the world today will not arise. Until that happens, educating [humanity] so they can see Heaven properly through the true Blessing is the responsibility of the blessed families in the Family Federation. In the beginning, what God expected of Adam and Eve was perfection through absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. God wanted to be with them when they reached perfection. It was Heavenly Parent's dream, as an invisible God, to appear through the visible True Parents, govern the world, and live together [with people] even in the eternal world. [Heaven] had to go through numerous providences of restoration through indemnity until, after much difficulty, True Parents could manifest on earth. In this age, the name “True Parent” is a miracle to fallen humankind. I said this clearly on Foundation Day. True Parents are the True Parents of all 7.5 billion people of the world. I am the mother of the universe. I am not just the mother of one family, but the mother of the universe. That is why I must act according to Heaven’s laws. At the end of the six thousand years,the last thing in the history of the providence of restoration through indemnity is the birth of the only daughter of God, the True Mother. The True Parents emerged for the first time as the True Parents. There will be no other True Parents. All 7.5 billion people of the world are True Parents' sons or daughters. The central figures are those who practice the true love of living for the sake of others while making more effort. It is fair; it is equal! Father went to the spirit world, so now the four-position foundation has formed centered on both the spiritual world and the physical world.We must now educate those in the third generation. We must educate them so that there will not be any indemnity left to be paid. The bequeathal and development of the traditions and customs set by True Parents! One's "self" cannot enter into this, nor can one make self-centered judgments or actions. This is one world. Eternally! In the future, I plan to train many second- and third-generation members and to appoint them as central figures.