True Parents' Birthday and Fifth Anniversary of Foundation Day Victory Celebration, True Parents' Message (March 1, 2018)

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Fifth Anniversary of Foundation Day, True Parents' Message

February 28, 2018, Cheongpyeong Training Center

Beloved global members and blessed families of the Family Federation, today as we welcome the fifth anniversary of Foundation Day, where do you stand? Heavenly Parent, the Creator, created all things in his image and then created Adam and Eve, a man and a woman, who could become the first good ancestors of humankind. In particular, he gave them a growth period so they could achieve absolute oneness with Heavenly Parent and through absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience could attain perfection and be together with Heavenly Parent.  This was Heavenly Parent’s, the Creator's, dream. Yet what occurred? Adam and Eve fell to a position of not having fulfilled their responsibilities and made a fallen world, with no connection to God. However, God could not just stand back and watch fallen humankind, so he began to lead the providence of restoration through indemnity. God selected the Israelites as the chosen people and began a course of restoration through indemnity to gain a foundation at the individual, familial, tribal, and national levels. You should know how difficult that process must have been and how ignorant humankind must have been that Heaven had to go through that painful and bitter history in the providence for four thousand years. God soothed them by saying he would send the Messiah.  In conclusion, a people was formed and Heaven sent the Messiah. However, they could not become a nation that could create the environment for the Messiah. God kept his promise. The Bible describes that Old Testament providential history.  But, what you must know at this point is how difficult it is to shed indemnity. What happened to the Israelites who sent the person to the cross whom Heaven had found after four thousand years and who should have formed the True Parents? They had to take a difficult historical path by paying indemnity on top of even more indemnity. We know this.  We know how great that indemnity was.  Christianity started through resurrection by the Holy Spirit. Early Christians received much persecution and had to overcome this. Yet, the essence of Christianity is that before they awaited the returning Lord, they should have known why the returning Lord would come and what he must do. But they did not know this.  [Jesus] said he would return and hold the marriage banquet of the Lamb, so God’s only daughter must come in front of God’s only son. That only daughter had to be born from a position of victory made through a Christian foundation. God’s only daughter was born on the Korean peninsula in 1943.  The birth of God’s only daughter signals the conclusion of the New Testament Age.  Through True Parents emerging on earth, a new providence will unfold. That is the Completed Testament Age. In order for the True Parents, the returning Messiah, to come, there should have been an environment— a national foundation—and a welcome by Christianity. However, this did not happen. Through fifty years,  Heaven worked on a providence to keep their promise. Thus on 1.13 of the heavenly calendar in 2013, Foundation Day was proclaimed. Through God’s only daughter, True Mother, a new age and a new page in history began. All blessed families around the world and all the Family Federation members in the Unification Movement have responsibilities. Just as when God created Adam and Eve and gave them responsibilities,  you who have received the blessing have responsibilities to fulfill in the presence of True Parents and Heavenly Parent.Cheon Il Guk has begun, but shouldn’t there be a people for God to embrace? As he opened Cheon Il Guk, God made many preparations. I said this that to fulfill your responsibilities, find the righteous people Heaven has prepared. The six-thousand-year history of the providence of restoration through indemnity! Though they fell, human beings’ original nature has pursued goodness. Ultimately, they had the desire to become sons or daughters of Heavenly Parent, the absolute God. Heavenly Parent also had the dream of embracing his children.Though we are inadequate, we have to become people who can accept the efforts Heaven has made for our sakes and the love Heaven has for us. Therefore, I said this: You should go back to the beginning and through the Holy Spirit and the truth, unite with True Parents like sunflowers aligning themselves towards the sun and fulfill your Tribal Messiah mission. Yourmission does not end with completing your tribal messiah work. If 430 couples become Tribal Messiahs all together the Tribal Messiah foundation will go beyond a nation and create the environment for a united the world. This is the mission you must take responsibility for as people united with True Parents and True Mother who oversees the providence on Earth.  So I ask, Where do you stand at this point?  If any brothers or sisters still have a New Testament mindset, you must wake them up. The providence is moving on. The providence does not wait for you. I am building the Cheonbowon [a genealogy center] so that the dedication and the records of your life on earth with True Parents can be recorded eternally. If you still have swaying forces around you, you will have to sort them out. You have a long way to go. Do you understand? Will you do that?  If you follow today’s resolution, in this ceremony commemorating the founding day of Cheon Il Guk,  Heavenly Parent and True Parents will be with you and will bless you eternally with love and grace. I pray once again, that you will mobilize everything and become victorious Cheon Il Guk citizens, and heavenly children.