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Marriage Course Spring 2018 - Sign Up Today!

Place : New Hope Family Church
MAY 3rd - JUNE 21st (THURSDAY)


What: The Marriage Course, an 8-week dessert date night with eight powerful learning sessions and intentional conversations (see below).

When: Thursdays, May 3rd - June 21st: 7:00 - 7:30 pm, settle in with tea and coffee; 7:30 - 9:30 pm, video presentations, special dessert and couple talk.

Where: New Hope Family Church, The Melford Center, 4801 Tesla Drive, Suite M, Bowie, MD

Cost: $160 (= $20/couple per week; includes workbooks, dessert, hot drinks and refreshments)

For questions about the program, please contact Nancy Bulow (cell: 240-863-8235, email:

Register TODAY by emailing Tanya Selle at with
1) BOTH NAMES, 2) EMAILS, 3) PHONE # and 4) any dietary restrictions you may have (vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc). 

Registration due date is Monday, April 30th. Fee payable on the first night. Payment plans accepted. Checks can be made out to Nancy Bulow.

The Marriage Course website:


A loving marriage for a lifetime does not happen by chance. It takes effort and commitment to keep the romance alive. Marriage has its problems, but couples can always learn useful skills to manage them, and make their marriages better than before.

The Marriage Course comprises 7 learning topics in a relaxed setting. Developed in 1996 by Nicky and Sila Lee, the founders of Relationship Central in the UK, the course has gained worldwide recognition. Thousands of couples have successfully completed it, and given powerful testimonies on how their marriages have been strengthened.



The Marriage Course is for all married couples, regardless of age or years together as man and wife. Whether you are successfully married or feel there are areas that need working on, this course is for you.

The learning sessions cover essential topics that include communication, conflict resolution, family influence, forgiveness, sex and love in action.

Couples will gain insights and practical skills to address relationship issues, which tend to be ignored or handled in ways that hinder the growth of their marriage.

The ultimate goal is deliver an enriching marriage experience for couples, and lead them into a deeper and more fulfilling relationship.


Building Strong Foundations – Couples examine their lifestyle and its effect on their marriage.

The Art of Communication (two parts) – Couples practice communicating their feelings and listening effectively to one another.

Resolving Conflict – Couples learn to express appreciation for each other, recognize their differences, negotiate disagreements and pray for each other.

The Power of Forgiveness – Couples look at how they will inevitably hurt each other. The focus is on the process of healing, from identifying the hurt to saying sorry and practicing forgiveness.

The Impact of Family – Couples talk about how to build a good and healthy relationship with parents, in-laws and the wider family.

Good Sex – Couples are encouraged to talk about their sexual relationship and to recognize where they need to make changes.

Love in Action – Couples discover which expression of love – words, time, touch, presents and actions – work for each other, and how they can put it into action.

Let's strengthen our community, starting with our precious couples!