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Celebration & Proclamation of the Joy of True Motherhood

IFC Richmond VA Blessed Families Community

Mothers of Truelove Culture
Moving from True Daughter to True Motherhood.


5854 Westower Dr. RVA

Theme : "The True Destiny of Eve, from True Daughter to True Mother"

Come share in the joy of honoring true motherhood. 
Truelove Culture nourishes us to honor thy father and mother (our parents) that we may be blessed with long and healthy life!
All brothers are encouraged to bring a special dish/dessert to honor the feminine graces of our divine identity.

Tithes and Love Offering (donations welcomed)


A Very Happy Mothers Day We Wish Everyone Everyday!

When God scented blessed wives, daughters and sisters live as happy mothers in a happy home, the community/village/tribe becomes happier and the nations of the world will be scented with the beautiful aroma of true parental love.

With the truth that it takes a village to raise each one of us, we give thanks for the Truelove of God culture that seeks to embrace everyone as  one human family in love with Heavenly Parent's ideal of creation!

We certainly want to thank everyone, for the heartfelt support and amazing contributions of Mother;s Day gift packages donated by IFC members.

We were able to honor 10 sisters as we were all encouraged to continue this blessed life of faith in love journey, as we lift up the Divine feminine and encourage all Eves to continue on the path of their Divine destiny to move from True Daughter to True Motherhood!  

May God, our Creator and Heavenly Parent continue bless all who honor father and mother as we love in resemblance to our Heavenly Parent.