Richmond International Family Center

IFC Heavenly Conscious Connections: Some Memorial Day Truelove Culture Joyful Memories and Gratitude

Dear sisters and brothers, giving thanks to God for YOU!

IFC is eternally grateful to Heavenly Parent who grants us life for another wonderful season, and for a good reason: so IFC is making and expanding Truelove Memories!

As IFC humbly unite with the Will of God, centered on truth and love, a True loving culture' will seek to create the culture of heart/heavenly consciousness on Earth through embracing all people as one human family.

IFC is always glad to share and celebrate God's gracious loving goodness to members as a Blessed Family Community in RVA - Richmond VA!.

Here are some highlights and gratitude reports for the month of May 2018.


Memorial Day Weekend allowed IFC, on Friday May 25, to honor and have the privilege to travel, visit, pray and have fellowship with Faithful Blessed Family members in Virginia, like the Matsumotos who live in Lexington VA. 

Sister Sandy Matsumoto, recently had a stroke, but thanks to God and the supportive loving prayers of members, she is fully recovering and truly a testimony to the enduring power of Truelove that subjugates all things. Please do keep Sandy and the Matsumoto Blessed Central family in your loving prayers.

Matsumotos Grandkids 05262018.JPG

Sharing a wonderful time with Kai and Isla, Matsumoto's blessed grand babies.
Kai is in spider man motion!


On Saturday May 26, IFC Pastors, had the privilege to bless and celebrate with one of the great Ambassadors for Peace, Paul Mbeu Tchouke 3 generation family.


t was Princess Vanessa's 1st Birthday celebration!


IFC's Mother's Day Gathering Honored All! 


On Saturday May 13, with theme "Moving from True Daughter towards True Motherhood" centering on True Mother's True Parental love IFC celebrated the Feminine energy in all beings, knowing that we all come into this world through a Mother.and receive rebirth through the Holy Spirit!