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Happy 56th Day of All True Things!!!

Northern Virginia Celebrates 56th Day of All True Things
June 14th, 2018

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Several members gathered at the Learning Center this morning to honor and celebrate this holy day.
All our members and friends are welcome to join these holy day celebrations.

“We have welcomed Parents’ Day and then Children’s Day. However, we cannot achieve complete restoration with only parents and children. When God blessed the first human beings, he told them to be fruitful, multiply, and subdue all created things. Thus, as there are parents and children, there must also be all things of creation that can come under their dominion. Therefore, as we celebrate this Day of All Things, let us first resolve to connect all things to Heaven centering on the Unification family. Then, after realizing our own true family, we can bring all things into total unity. This is how we can connect ourselves with Heaven.” (Cheong Seong Gyeong, Book 11, Chapter 5, Verse 39)

Joyful Ramadan Interfaith Iftar and Blessing Ceremony

NOVA Family Church, Fairfax, VA,
June 9, 2018

Submitted by Michiko Yokoyama and Dr. William Selig

A diverse mix of cultures and faiths came together to celebrate Ramadan and the Blessing Ceremony during an interfaith Iftar dinner Saturday, June 9, 2018 at the NOVA Family Church Learning Center in Fairfax, VA. The event was the first joint effort of the Family Federation, Virginia Chapter and Express Care.

Express Care, based in Herndon, Virginia, is a humanitarian organization that provides social service information and emergency assistance to low-income families, individuals, immigrants and refugees. The Family Federation, located in Fairfax, Virginia, promotes and supports the establishment of “ideal families” as the foundation for healthy societies and a world of peace.

The program drew a crowd of about 40 representing several faiths and cultures including guests from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan, Colombia, Japan, Germany, and of course, USA. 

Prior to the breaking of the fast at sundown, Rev. Werner Seubert, Pastor, NOVA Family Church gave an introduction to the Family Federation-VA and UPF. He emphasized that world peace begins with the family. “God is looking at our hearts,” he said.

The first guest speaker was Anh C. Phan, outreach representative of Senator Mark R. Warner. Phan was invited by her friend, Nalia Alam. “Hard to say no to Nalia,” she said. Phan wished everyone a happy Ramadan and meaningful fast on behalf of the senator who was unable to attend due to other engagements.

Muhammad Irfan Qureshi spoke on the meaning of Ramadan and Ifar. Iftar is the evening meal which Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset. According to Islamic belief, Ramadan is observed by Muslims as a month of fasting to commemorate the revelation of the Quran to Muhammad and is one of the five pillars upon which Islam is founded along with prayer and zakat (charity).

Dr. William Selig, who served as the evening’s emcee, welcomed everyone with an enthusiastic “Welcome, Salaam, Shalom, Peace, Namaste, Sat Sri Akal,” and gave an explanation about the Interfaith Blessing Movement. Quoting the Prophet Muhammad: “No foundation has been built in Islam more loved by Allah, than marriage (and family),” Dr. Selig described the Interfaith Blessing Movement as “a celebration of the commitment of couples, families and extended families to love and live for the sake of others, and to realize healthy communities centered on God.”

ACLCL Interfaith Prayer Breakfast Calls for Love and Understanding

APRIL 14th, 2018


Fairfax, VA—An Interfaith Prayer Breakfast was held on April 14th at the NOVA Family Church. About 35 guests and Ambassadors for Peace gathered at the invitation of the Virginia chapter of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) directed by Mrs. Barbara Moseley-Marks and co-hosted by the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) led by Mrs. Michiko Yokoyama.   A welcome prayer and blessing of the food was offered by the host pastor, Rev. Werner Seubert of the NOVA Family Church. After a delicious and hearty breakfast, the guests had a chance to introduce themselves and share their personal ministry. It was immediately apparent that an extraordinary group had gathered representing various cultures and nations, including Nepal, Pakistan, Japan, Germany, Korea, Guyana and that each person had found meaningful ways to make the world a better place.   New information and inspiring thoughts were expressed as we went around the room. The guests from Nepal explained that today (April 14) is celebrated as the New Year and more than 120 languages are spoken in their country. Naila and Yasmeen Durrani, sisters originally from Pakistan shared about Express Care, the non-profit humanitarian organization they founded to train low-income individuals, immigrants, refugees and place them into jobs. UPF International President and UPF-USA Chairman Thomas McDevitt testified about the co-founders of the host organizations, the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, and their profound love for America. Bishop John L. Allen, Sr., founder of The Greater Pentecostal Temple of Christ of Fairfax Virginia, said: “Love must be shared and practiced. It is not something to put on a shelf; we must go out and put love into action.” His wife, Pastor Gloria Oteromartinez-Allen admonished the virtues of love in a secular society. Life can be hard at times, she said, but always strive to put God first and then everything else will fall into place. Even though we were meeting for the first time a common theme seemed to emerge – we are all God’s children and that we must find ways to work together. After the introductions, Dr. William Selig, emcee, introduced a short video about UPF’s activities, including Africa Day, UN International Days of Peace and Family, interfaith consultations, Middle East Peace Initiatives, International Leadership Conferences, and World Assemblies. Keynote speaker Rev. Randall Francis, ACLC District 1 Director gave an introduction followed by a video presentation about the activities of ACLC, including prayer breakfasts, ACLC Women in Ministry, programs to strengthen marriage and the family, and ACLC’s goal to bless one million couples by the year 2020. After Rev. Francis’ presentation, three Ambassadors for Peace were appointed by Mrs. Barbara Moseley-Marks, Executive Director, UPF-Virginia. The honorees included: Mr. Ram Prasad Khanal (Nepali community leader), and Ministers Ravi & Shashi Chopra (Hindu priest couple). BRTNepal, the Nepali newsportal carried a report about the event.

Participants were invited to participate in a Blessing Toast for Marriage & Family. Led by Yuji & Michiko Yokoyama, everyone stood, faced their spouses and with grateful hearts toasted to the sanctity of marriage and the blessings of the Almighty upon our families and nation. The closing prayer was offered by Min. Amar Nath Gupta, head priest of the Hindu Capital Temple, who blew into a sacred conch-shell and called on all the attendees “to lead a peaceful life.” Group photos were taken with the leadership of the FFWPU Southeast Subregion, Rev. Ernest Patton, director, and Mrs. Jongsook Moon, secretary general. Participants lingered afterwards to keep talking and share about different topics with old and new friends. Organizers and guests agreed that the event successfully fulfilled its objective to bring together representatives from the local community and religious leaders in the spirit of interfaith prayer for the well-being and spiritual happiness of our community.   
Contributed by: Barbara Moseley-Marks and Dr. William Selig