Blessing Ceremony

40 days of Blessing Baltimore

Contributed by James Stewart, Baltimore Family Fellowship Pastor

Our “40 Days of Blessing Baltimore” began on April 7, 2018, when we committed to work together as a community to bless our first 430 couples.

A few weeks before this date, I was delivering food to a church we work with in Baltimore. The Deacon from this church had passed away and was now in the spiritual world. I was sad, of course, and prayed for her passing. On the following Monday when I walked into the church, I felt her very strong presence. There was sadness in her spirit. The words came to me were that I had cared for her and the church, but she was sad that she had gone to the spiritual world without receiving the Blessing and the Holy Wine. We never know how long we have or how long others have, so I made a public determination with our community to reach out to as many as we could as soon as we can.

The first day we held a Blessing, we had high hopes and were expecting many couples, but as the time drew near, many dropped out, at one point we thought no one would turn up, but Heavenly Parent worked. On the first day, four families were Blessed. On the next day, five families were Blessed, and from that day forward, at least one family has been Blessed each day and often more. Many in our community are going out and Blessing family, friends and colleagues.

Each Tuesday we set up a table on one main street community in Baltimore. The first day was like a miracle. Before we had finished setting up there were several people filling out forms. We had forty cups of Holy Wine and had thought that would last for most of the day, but we were out of cups before an hour was over. One man came running from across the street asking if we were giving the Blessing and could he have the Blessing. One person shared that the Holy Spirit descended on him as he drank the Holy Wine and received the prayer of Blessing. A beautiful elderly nun came and asked to receive the Blessing and tried to give a donation. Couples with children will wait to receive the Blessing and linger to share and talk. Even some who had already received the Blessing come back just for prayer and to share. The second Tuesday we shared the Blessing with 40 couples and singles in 4 hours.

We have seen miracles as we have gone out into the town. This 40 Days of Blessing is turning into 40 days of miracles. Even some of our lost members who we have not seen in a long time have started coming back.

One young man came and took the Holy Wine and rededicated himself to God. His life was very difficult. He had labored under addictions in the past, but since the day he took the Holy Wine, he tells me his life has changed around. He comes early, serves, and helps to clear up after our Sunday Fellowship and looks brighter and better each week I see him. He got a new job this week.

The Blessing reminds me of Abraham pleading and negotiating with God to save the city of Sodom asking if he could find ten righteous people, would God save the city (Gen 18: 16-33) or in Jerimiah 5:1 "Go up and down the streets of Jerusalem, look around and consider, search through her squares. If you can find but one person who deals honestly and seeks the truth, I will forgive this city.”

If our Heavenly Parent can save a city based on finding one righteous person. Think what our Heavenly Parent can do when we find 430 righteous families. We are hoping that will help God to save our city, our state, and our nation.

Peace and Blessings,

James and Tilly Stewart
Pastors, Baltimore Family Fellowship

“This is a Miracle” Testimony from Triangle FC - Blessing Ceremony

Contributed by Joshua Angelucci, Triangle Family Church Pastor

In the beginning of this year, Josh had an inspiration and he strongly felt that it’s really important to focus on Blessing people. So, he set a goal to have the Blessing at the church every month, because he felt it’s important to be consistent.

For the past 3 months, Triangle Family Church did not have any guests for the Blessing Ceremony. However, church members participated in the Blessing and filled up the spirit with their heart and love. So, for 3 times, members went through the whole process of the Blessing Ceremony together from setting up the church environment to drinking the holy wine, in the way of how they really wanted it to be.

In April, they were about to have the 4th Blessing Ceremony on Saturday at 4:00 PM. However, Josh was thinking to cancel the Blessing Ceremony because the church has not had any guests for the past three months. Instead, Josh suggested core members “how about we reach out to people, instead of waiting for people to come? I think this is a better use of our time to go out together.”

Surprisingly, one of the church members called Josh and told him that there are gusts coming for the Blessing Ceremony. On Saturday, Josh and church members prepared for the Blessing and they were ready to hold the Blessing Ceremony. Sadly, couple hours before, they found out that guests are no longer coming for the Blessing. So, they decided to take down everything that they have prepared and go out to the community to Bless people outside.

After taking down everything, they were just sitting around the table to have some conversation. Then, this African American couple walked into the church. Josh looked at the members wondering who they are, but everyone looked at each other, all confused, because they were not expecting any guests on that day. Despite the confusion, Josh stood up and approached to them and asked “what brings you here?” They said “Well, we heard about this Blessing Ceremony. We felt inspired to be here.” After having some conversation with them, Josh and church members found out that the couple had seen a flyer which one of the church members had put at a nearby Islam Mosque. They were right on time for the Blessing Ceremony. The couple was just so amazing. A group of church members escorted the couple to another room for a talk. While they were having some conversation, another group of church members prepared for the Blessing Ceremony.

For this 4th Blessing Ceremony of this year, Triangle Family Church had really smooth and beautiful Blessing Ceremony. The members were so inspired, as well as the guests who came. The church members stayed from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM and the guests stayed from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. This tells how they all really enjoyed the time. The couple even wanted to buy the world scriptures book. After the Blessing Ceremony, Josh asked the couple if they could come back sometime to receive the Blessing Certificate, and the husband came back on Sunday(May 6th) to receive the certificate. He actually entered the church right in the middle of True Mother’s speech at Vienna. Josh greeted him and handed the certificate to him, in the middle of True Mother’s Speech. He looked at Josh and Josh saw that he was very moved, filled with gratitude. He even sat down and watched the live streaming for awhile.

This experience was an amazing empowerment for Triangle Family Church. Josh clearly felt that God is telling Triangle Family Church that members are doing a great job and keep up with their work, that this is the Hyojeong that they are offering to Heavenly Parent and True Parents. This was their first guest and everybody was amazed by the work of Heaven.

40-Day Blessing Ceremony

Baltimore Family Fellowship
Tribal Blessing in the Towson Center
Saturday, April 7, 2018, 11:30 AM

40_Daysofblessing BMore Family_flyer.jpg

The Baltimore Family Fellowship held Tribal Blessing in the Towson Center on Saturday, April 7, 2018. The Blessing Began at 12:00 at 5 Terrace Dale

The Blessing began with harmonious sound from the band and with a prayer. Total of three couples came to receive the Blessing. Many of the supporters and attendees gave them rounds of applause and the atmosphere was filled with the love of Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

After the Blessing, Korean Lunch was prepared by the supporters and everyone was awed by how delicious it was.

Baltimore Family Fellowship is hoping the Blessing will be a simple family affair, but with great love from Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Also, based on this day, they are hoping that it will set the foundation for our 40 days of the Blessing Baltimore.

They plan to reach out over the 40 days to hold Blessings in all the churches they will be working with. Also, they will reach out to all the contacts, friends, and neighbors. Please pray for them, so Baltimore Family Fellowship can make the first 430 couples in the community. After 40 days they will going to gather for a city wide Blessing in Bishop Allen's Church.

"Space is at a premium in the Towson Center on Saturday. Please call or email if you would like to come. We ask for your prayers for Saturday and for the 40 days. This is a chance for us to change and save this city with this condition. If we can change and move this city, one of the most dangerous and difficult in the nation, we can change and save any city and community anywhere through the Blessings."

- James and Tilly Stewart -

True Father's Message:

"In order to restore this tragic history back to its origin, a new revolution is necessary. This revolution cannot be accomplished by a political strategy, nor economic or social reform. More then anything else this revolution is only possible through the revolution of our fundamental consciousness. It should be a new revolution of love, centered on God’s love." 

Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom.  Pg 286, Vol 1