Happy 56th Day of All True Things!!!

Northern Virginia Celebrates 56th Day of All True Things
June 14th, 2018

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Several members gathered at the Learning Center this morning to honor and celebrate this holy day.
All our members and friends are welcome to join these holy day celebrations.

“We have welcomed Parents’ Day and then Children’s Day. However, we cannot achieve complete restoration with only parents and children. When God blessed the first human beings, he told them to be fruitful, multiply, and subdue all created things. Thus, as there are parents and children, there must also be all things of creation that can come under their dominion. Therefore, as we celebrate this Day of All Things, let us first resolve to connect all things to Heaven centering on the Unification family. Then, after realizing our own true family, we can bring all things into total unity. This is how we can connect ourselves with Heaven.” (Cheong Seong Gyeong, Book 11, Chapter 5, Verse 39)

Happy 59th True Parents’ Day!

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Today, all our Unification Families around the world are taking a personal moment of prayer and joyful reflection to celebrate the 59th True Parents’ Day, March 1 by the lunar calendar.

Parents’ Day was the first Holy Day established in the Unification tradition. True Father established it on April 10, 1960 (March 15, according to the lunar calendar). Unificationists observe Parents’ Day—now designated as True Parents’ Day—on the first day of the third month of the Heavenly Calendar. The establishment of Parents’ Day followed True Parents’ engagement on March 27, 1960. It signified that God had finally established His first son and daughter as the True Parents of humankind. True Father later stated, “Parents’ Day is the first time since God created all things and humankind that there is one balanced man, one balanced woman, balanced in love, to whom God can descend and with whom He can truly be.” Following Parents’ Day, True Father established Children’s Day (1960), Day of All Things (1963) and God’s Day (1968) as Holy Days. They were set up to celebrate the emergence of the True Family, or True Parents’ family, and the foundation upon which a new world can take shape and a new history begin.  

It’s important to remember how much value True Parents themselves always placed in these special days. As Father once said:

“No one previously living on earth ever witnessed God’s Day or Parents’ Day … these days are the royal days among all days and the years that they were inaugurated are the royal years among all years, among all the years that ever were.”

–Cheon Seong Gyeong, 1214

Throughout history, no one on earth has celebrated this day, which stands out from many other celebrations in the world because this one, in particular, is a day for God as our ultimate parent to experience joy with His and Her children. This day represents the day of God’s joy when, after creating all things, we were given the blessing to love the world with God’s parental love as True Parents.

This celebration is also a reminder to put true love into practice as True Parents have all of their lives. Many of us struggle to keep to a few New Year’s resolutions, but imagine trying to tackle not only your own problems, but the world’s. When we reflect on how many fundamental problems we face around the world today, can you imagine how immense the challenges are to be sensitive to God’s heart about all things? Can you imagine feeling responsible to help bring about a world of peace in as many areas of the world as possible? It is no wonder then, that Father and Mother Moon have inspired millions around the world, even going beyond the boundaries of any one religion to inspire a world of peace. Take a look at the timeline of Father Moon’s life course, and Mother Moon’s life course, and consider what kind of love and determination it would take to fill their shoes just for a day.


59th True Parents Day Celebration
Charlotte, North Carolina

Reported by Co-Pastors Tim and Margaret Sisserson

On April 30, 1863, Abraham Lincoln summoned all Americans to a , " Day of Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer."

On April 15, 2018, Charlotte Family Federation hosted the 59th True Parents Day. Charlotte-North  and South Carolina  Family Federation communities came together to celebrate the accomplishment of True Parents on earth, the key to True Liberation centered on Southeast Sub Region 2 in Heavenly USA with Director Rev. Ernest Patton.

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Reflection   Rev. Dr. Ernst Gerhard Bessell

Rev. Patton gave a warm and uplifting speech which included his personal testimony. In this way he drew the hearts of our members near and left everyone uplifted and with kind thoughts. Afterwards over lunch he made himself available and showed himself easily accessible for conversation.

I also enjoyed to have Mrs. Jongsook Moon with us, who is a good friend of our family since the study days at UTS. She showed loving concern for everyone. My family and I feel especially honored that she took motherly care of our youngest son during the time of our loss of my wife. She also showed a special interest in him now, which is truly remarkable after all these years.

A good number of members from SC felt attracted enough to make the long journey. Working and celebrating together certainly gave a boost of hope for the unity of the region. I believe that a regional HQ as well as collaboration on a regional level can be expected. Charlotte family center certainly has a greater potential.

I felt Rev. P.atton ‘s suggestions to choose wide range of goals including business and community relations was spot on. This may help our diverse membership to feel appreciated. I hope to see more attention to young people and the three generational family.

Personally I like to support with looking for  deeper understanding of the DP and for time appropriate presentation of our movement both within and without.

Jongsook Moon leading a congratulatory song with second and third generations.

A big Thank You for both  Charlotte and South Carolina families for bringing all the
wonderful dishes to share on this Holiday.
Charlotte community volunteers outdid themselves with preparation. Kamsa Hamnida!

Thank you South Carolina for making the trip up to celebrate our True Parents together.

We appreciate the Director of Southeast Sub Region 2
Rev. Ernest Patton and Secretary General Mrs. Jongsook Moon Lee for making the trip on such short notice.

Yes, we will do it, Mansei!