40 Day Blessing Condition

Kissimmee Florida Blessing Testimony

June 30, 2018

The last day of June was going very slow. People were passing us like ships in the night: I am already blessed, no thank you; that’s alright; I am ok; I went and caught up with this family. How can you be ok when you look at America? You can walk passed this blessing table and tell me how much you love Jesus. Blessing one million couples is a condition to restore America, I said. God needs our bodies to do this work! They turned around and came back to receive the blessing. I was loud, and other people heard me. Suddenly there were people standing in line for the blessing.

We blessed 12 couples – 4 singles- 5 children- 33 people today.  A dream came true



Blessing King's Church 2222.JPG

Lisa stopped for the blessing and the husband kept walking.  I told her that she could take the blessing. She called him on the phone and he came back to take the blessing.

King's Blessing 3333.JPG

We are on our way out when I saw this couple pushing a white baby. I stopped   them to ask about the baby, he made a joke about his wife. We had a laugh. I invited them to the blessing, and they were very happy to receive it. Gaston Couple.  My husband had a dream last night about catching many big fish with a fishing rod that he made himself -Heavenly elma reporting.