IFC Heavenly Connections:IMANI Temple 29th Anniversary.

Report From Richmond Virgina 

July 1st, 2018

Thank you, for coming together on July 4th, to Give Thanks for another year of utilizing the Religious / Spiritual Freedom to Gather we have been granted by God and entrenched in the tenets of our USA constitution!

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This weekend IFC leaders and members will join Archbishop George Augustus Stallings Jr., to celebrate Imani Temple's 29th Anniversary!!

Saturday and Sunday Free Food, Activities for Children, Moon Bounce, Ice cones, etc...


There will be n Gathering This Weekend (July 7 and 8) At IFC Richmond, VA

Below is link to our more Independence Day IFC Cookout at the Johnsons! 


Thank you in advance for your consideration, prayers and participation

fr. Bayo Adrien

FFWPU Richmond, Va. Community Pastor

IFC _Richmond  International Family Center Richmond, VA 


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