Mr. Talarico Young- “A Walking Miracle”

Report From Pastor King (Kissimmee, Florida)
July 1st, 2018

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Many things happened to Mr. Talarico Young based on the number 6. He shared many testimonies of the things that happened to him six years ago. He talked about many occasions of his out of body experiences, and so many encounters where he faced life or death.

          It was Friday June 15, 2018 that I met Rico as he calls himself. My husband and I had rented a station –C- 37 at the Market Place for our 40 Day blessing condition. Shortly after walking into the Market Place, I saw a tall man pulling money from his pocket, some of the money fell to the floor. I ran to get him and brought him back to where his money had fallen. I pointed to the floor, and said you dropped this money from your pocket. He looked at me as to say; are you sure. I said I saw it dropped from your hands. He picked it up and thanked me. I told him that we would be setting up a station there for a day. He hugged me, and thanked me again. Once I found the station, I went to get my things to set up the station for the next day. When the worker brought the big table in,  Rico jumped right in to help him. When I started to put up the banner, he took it from me and hung it up himself. He even made a sign for me: Coming tomorrow June 16, 2018. He shared some of his history with me.  I returned on Saturday June 16th and introduced him to my husband Rev. Jeddie King. Right away, they started talking like old friends. They had a lot in common with out of body experiences. Rico brought a fan down to help my husband keep cool. He introduced us to the neighbors: Ron and Mary, and the Ulrich’s across the way. Rico said we need guys like you here in this place. Later the manager came in and said, instead of one day, she had registered us for a month. After we had such a grand day, we went ahead and registered for the month. The new families were happy. Mr. Rico played a major part in us staying by sending people to our station for prayers and blessings, and giving us thumbs –up when he saw us blessing another family. I told him that I wanted to write about his life stories.

When I came to take a picture of Mr. Young so I could report about his life experiences, he ran to the blessing sign, and said I want you to take it by this sign. June 30, 2018 I recorded his testimonies. He said about six years ago, he was having these out of body experiences in his dreams: for instance: One night, he said: I was dreaming about this bridge. It was very high like I was going to the clouds, but under the bridge was a lot of water. A spirit came into my head and said: if you have faith, I will guild you across. So I was lead across. When I got on the other side, everything was peaceful and wonderful.  During this six year period, I found myself by some deep waters, and I was afraid. A spirit came into my head and said, be calm, have faith and everything will be alright. Again, when I calmed down, I was at peace.

          About three or four months after I had these out of body experiences, I found out that I had cancer in one of my kidneys. The Dr, took the cancer out, but didn’t have to remove my kidney. The Dr. said that I had an extra organ inside that was pumping blood to my kidney. The Dr. said that this was a miracle. Three to four months later, I had a mild heart attack. I was sent to the hospital. They found that I had a blockage in my heart. They put in a stent, and I was discharged. About a month later, I had another mild heart attack. Then, it was about a year later that I had yet another heart attack. They found that I had a blockage and put another stent in my arteries. God is very good to me.

          It was about a month later that I had a stroke in my brains. Everything locked up. I couldn’t move my arms or legs. God has truly been good to me. I feel like a man that has been resurrected in the name of Jesus. Sometimes during this six year period, I had another out of body experience that I had died and went to hell. First I thought it was just a dream, but then I realized that it wasn’t a dream at all, so I cried out to Jesus and He came. He came and put me on this big white cross. It wasn’t like I was being crucified or anything like that. It was a cross like I was being delivered. I was hugging the big white beautiful cross. It was like something that I had never seen on this earth before. As I was hugging the cross, I was thrown across the lake. There were millions of souls whining and gnashing their teeth there. These souls were trying to grab on to the cross, and the cross started disintegrating. All of a sudden, I was going through a different dimension, and after I went through that dimension, the cross completely disintegrated.  I found myself on solid ground. Then this huge gate open up, and I was in Paradise. The people could read my mind, and I could read their minds. They didn’t use words. Their minds said: here he is, here he is! When they said that, I went over to the other side of the city. Over there, they were going to the temple to worship the Lord, and I woke up. That was six years ago. God is real, and so is Hell!  We need to change our lives while we still can. God sent me back to the earth to tell my stories to His children.

Recorded June 30, 2018- by Heavenly Elma King- Kissimmee, FL

2020 is not far from here, when we will see God’s substantial Kingdom on earth!!

Heavenly Tribal Messiahs- Elma and Jeddie King

 Brothers and sisters, you’ve heard from our new friend-Rico. We are soo connected to him. Just finding out that he was not feeling well has caused us to have restless nights. I was crying today when I didn’t hear from him. This   “Iron Man” is sooo special. It looks like we will be in the market Place much longer than we thought. 1290 rings a bell for me. (3 x 430). Today we are 136 couples from reaching that number. Look out world, the Kings with our True John the Baptist are searching for you!!  We serve a God of the number 3.

Kings/ Souck Tribal Messiahship- Kissimmee/Palm Bay, Florida. Reported by Heavenly Elma 7/2/18