Happy 56th Day of All True Things!!!

Northern Virginia Celebrates 56th Day of All True Things
June 14th, 2018

2018 Day of All Things.jpg

Several members gathered at the Learning Center this morning to honor and celebrate this holy day.
All our members and friends are welcome to join these holy day celebrations.

“We have welcomed Parents’ Day and then Children’s Day. However, we cannot achieve complete restoration with only parents and children. When God blessed the first human beings, he told them to be fruitful, multiply, and subdue all created things. Thus, as there are parents and children, there must also be all things of creation that can come under their dominion. Therefore, as we celebrate this Day of All Things, let us first resolve to connect all things to Heaven centering on the Unification family. Then, after realizing our own true family, we can bring all things into total unity. This is how we can connect ourselves with Heaven.” (Cheong Seong Gyeong, Book 11, Chapter 5, Verse 39)