King's Home Church Celebrates Mother's Day

Contributed by Rev. Elma King

Rev. Elma King's family and Rev. Souck's family celebrated Mother's Day on May 13th, 2018.

Rev. Elma King's trinity- Revs. Victorine and Emmanuel Souck and family who call Rev. Elma "mom" offered a gift. They have been Blessing many people around the community. In the busy life, they took time to say thanks "mom" with flowers.

In addition, Rev. Elma's daughter, Dee, came to Melbourne to help the community for the Blessing Ceremony on the 12th . Early Sunday, Rev. Elma's daughter called to say happy mother’s Day, and that she was going to get treatment for an old back injury. Please pray for her wellness. Later the day, she showed up at Rev. Elma's door with gifts. Her daughter said, "mom, you said we should live for the sake of others. I stopped thinking of my back and went out to bring happiness to others." 

When Rev. Elma saw how Dee was holding the wine at this blessing, Rev. Elma broke our with her tears. Her daughter is standing up front with a look on her face so serious. She’s holding the wine as if it is very precious. 

She wants to spread this love to everyone. 

Happy Mother's Day to Everyone!