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Level 3 Blessing Workshop for Matched Couples

July 20-22

Unification Theological Seminary New York


The national Start Smart: Level 3 Blessing Workshop is happening July 20-22 in New York at the Unification Theological Seminary for matched couples preparing to receive the Marriage Blessing and start their married life. 

The content is designed to support couples in preparation for married life and includes content on the value of the Marriage Blessing and practical guidance on relationships, communication, male-female differences, and building intimacy. The content will be presented by marriage educator and counselor, John Williams, and the marriage educator and relationship coach, Debby Gullery.

Join other matched couples in a fun and healthy atmosphere to experience and learn the following:

  • Love Languages
  • Managing Expectations
  • Handling Differences
  • Talking Clearly & Safely
  • Beginning a Sexual Relationship as Newlyweds
  • Spiritual Intimacy

NOTE: Level 3 Blessing Education is required for matched couples to receive the Marriage Blessing.


Dates: July 20-22, 2018
The program will begin with registration at 5:00 PM on Friday, July 20 at the UTS in Barrytown, NY.  The program will conclude at 4:00 PM on Sunday, July 22.

Early Bird Registration
The participation fee is $150 per individual for those who register by Monday, June 18. For those who register after June 18, the fee will be $160.

We strongly encourage all matched couples to receive the Level 3 Blessing education in person at the national workshop in order to experience the full impact of the educational content. However, for those who cannot participate in the workshop in New York, there is an option to receive the education via an online course.

NOTE: Each individual must register separately.

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8:00 AM08:00

National Level 2 Blessing Workshop

Place : UTS, New York
Dates : Aug. 12-14


What to Expect

A national Level 2 Blessing Workshop is coming up at UTS in Barrytown, New York on August 12-14, 2018, right after the Blessed Culture & Sports Festival!  

Designed for those who are preparing to begin the Matching Process or want to learn more about it, the content will give participants a clear, step-by-step guide to getting started with the Matching Process.

There will also be plenty of time for discussion and interaction with other workshop participants. You will have the chance to hear testimonies from couples about their experience with the Matching Process.

Who's it for?

The content is intended for anyone 18+ who is preparing for the Matching Process. The education is also required in order to become a Matching Candidate.  

Parents of young adults are also encouraged to attend this workshop so that they can learn the same content in preparation for discussions as a family. Matching Supporters are also encouraged to attend.


The program will begin on Sunday, August 12 with check-in at 4:30 PM, dinner at 6:00 PM, and program at 7:00 PM. The program will conclude at 2:00 PM on Tuesday, August 14. 

For questions, contact us at or 212-997-0055.  

Early Bird Registration

Register by Monday, July 23, to take advantage of Early Bird prices!

  • Early Bird registration fee is $125.
  • Registration fee after July 23 is $140.
  • Late registration fee after August 7 is $150.
  • Ministry Leaders can register for $75 to support and assist candidates.
  • Parents of participants are to pay the regular fee.

The participation fee includes meals and two-night dormitory-style accommodations. 

Those who are participating in BCSF are welcome and encouraged to extend their stay at UTS and participate in the Level 2 Blessing Workshop, as long as they register and pay for the workshop ahead of time.

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9:00 PM21:00

Webinar: How to Get Started in the Matching Process

May 24 at 9PM (EST)


“How do I get started in the Matching Process?”

We get this question a lot, understandably. Luckily, Marjorie Buessing and John Abelseth have an answer for us!

On Thursday, May 24 at 9:00 PM (EST), we’ll be hearing about how your family can get started in the Matching Process.

Join us for:

  • Practical tips to get started
  • How to communicate as a family
  • Q&A

After hearing from Marjorie and John, we’ll have a chance to ask some questions.

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Family Coach Training Course for Beginners


This exciting interactive course provides training in basic coaching skills to support the care of Blessed Families in our community.

When will the webinar sessions take place?

  • Free Information Session: May 19, 2018 11 am EST
  • Course starts in June, two Saturdays a month, at 11 am EST
  • This is convenient for the West Coast, Europe and Eastern Europe and we will record the sessions for participants from Asia

How much will it cost?

  • $350 for 10 webinars and all course materials over five months, $20 Registration fee
  • May 20th is a FREE introduction                   
  • $70 will be charged to you through PayPal each month for 5 months

Scholarships for Pastors and BFM Coordinators

  • The BFM is offering scholarships of 50% off the tuition for the course for anyone serving as a Pastor or BFM Coordinator
  • Scholarship recipients will pay only $35 a month to participate in the course
  • To receive the scholarship simply select “Pastor” or “BFM Coordinator” when you register for the course, and the discount will be automatically applied to your monthly fee for the course

What can I hope to gain from the training?

  • Confidence to have practical knowledge and effective skills to offer to help those who come to you for guidance and support
  • Insight into the source of and possible solution to a wide range of problems you are likely to encounter as a coach
  • A network of fellow learners to draw upon for your professional and personal development during and after the course
  • Continuing education opportunities after the course, to gain further expertise as a Communications Coach and Relationship Coach

What will the training cover?

  • How to initially interview someone to clarify a central issue to work on together
  • How to ask helpful questions and listen carefully so as to guide the person towards their own answers
  • Setting realistic and action-oriented goals, keeping the person accountable to them, and giving them effective tasks to work on between times with you
  • Important skills to cultivate such as healthy communication, self-awareness, self-management and self-care
  • Basic tools for identifying causes and dealing with emotional wounds
  • Identifying childhood wounds and the “masks” people adopt to survive in a world of conditional love that prevent us from reaching our full potential to live a fulfilling life
  • How to foster an attitude of ownership of personal struggles and self-sabotaging behavior and take responsibility for doing internal work instead of blaming others
  • Unconditional love and how to practice it  

How is this training program presented?

  • All material will be taught through interactive 90-minute online webinars twice a month
  • You will receive practical homework to help you digest your learning between webinars
  • You can practice coaching with other learners and receive peer feedback

I am not a professional, but love working with people and have some experience. Am I qualified for this training?


  • This is tailored especially for you! We can answer your questions at the free introductory webinar so you can see how this is right for you.

Aren’t I too old to go back to school?

  • Our course material is presented in a clear and easy to understand manner
  • Participants can work in teams, and you can receive the feedback and the support you need in your studies and practice
  • Your age and maturity give you priceless wisdom to better absorb what you are learning

Who are the Instructors?   


Hilde Wiemann is a Family and Relationship Coach certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and has trained with CoachU Coach University, The Relationship Institute of David Steele, Real Love Coaching of Dr. Greg Baer, Prepare and Enrich Marriage Program of Life Innovations, Inc. and in Attachment Therapy.

Drawing from her years of training at all these schools, numerous seminars and continued education, and personal investment in professional development over the last 25 years, Hilde has developed new, transparent and effective protocols that she will share with the course participants.
As the founder of Generational Healing, Hilde has designed the unique and groundbreaking Family Healing Session protocol, which has successfully helped many families to improve and heal challenging relationships, and achieve intimacy they never knew was possible.

Hilde is a gentle and intuitive facilitator and a teacher of authentic family communication and intimacy. She has traveled extensively in the United States, Mexico, Europe and Asia to conduct seminars and Family Healing Sessions. Her goal is to share her important discoveries by training others as Communication, Relationship and Family Coaches and thus help many more families in need.


John R. Williams is a licensed Mental Health Counselor, with a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and a Masters in Religious Education. He has received training in Real Love from Dr. Greg Baer, Survival Skills for Families from Family Wellness, Imago Education from Imago Relationship Therapy and How to Avoid Falling for a Jerk from Dr. John Van Epp. He is well versed in PREP (Preventative Relationship Enhancement Program), Michelle Wiener Davis' Divorce Busting approach and many other programs.

John has been an instructor for counseling and marriage programs at the University of Bridgeport and the Unification Theological Seminary. John has helped develop curricula used nationwide for marriage preparation as well as addiction recovery and he has presented to professional and lay audiences worldwide.  He is the co-author of Educating for True Love (2006) and contributing author to Cultivating Heart and Character: Educating for Life's Most Essential Goals (2000).

The resident counselor at High Noon, a non-profit initiative for pornography education and recovery, John was also the founding director of the Blessed Marriage Project that sponsors marriage enrichment retreats. Known for his disarming humor and empathetic approach, John offers his coaching practice at

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11:00 AM11:00

Family Coach Training Course

Saturday, May 19 at 11:00 AM (EST)

We’re happy to announce that we have partnered with Generational Healing to offer a Family Coach Training Course for beginners in basic coaching skills to support the care of Blessed Families in our community.

Through the Course participants will gain:

  • Confidence to have practical knowledge and effective skills to offer to help those who come to you for guidance and support
  • Insight into the source of and possible solution to a wide range of problems you are likely to encounter as a coach/ministry leader
  • A network of fellow learners to draw upon for your professional and personal development during and after the course
  • A strong foundation for further training as a professional Communication and/or Relationship and Family Coach, if desired

Anyone can benefit from receiving this training, but it is especially helpful to Pastors and BFM Coordinators. We encourage Pastors and BFM Coordinators to take this opportunity to invest in yourself and strengthen your capacity to care for the Blessed Families in your community. In appreciation for all you do, BFM will sponsor 50% of your tuition cost for the course.

We hope you will take advantage of this great opportunity, and join us in building a stronger, more loving community of Blessed Families!

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to Jan 12

Caribbean Cruise for Blessed Couples • Jan. 5-12, 2019

Several couples from the 1275 Blessing group are organizing a couples’ Caribbean Cruise from January 5 to 12, 2019. The organizers have decided to open up this opportunity for all Blessed Couples.

Although the cruise is happening in January of 2019, reservations need to be made as soon as possible in order to get good deals on rooms.


Contributed by the organizers

Everyone is invited to join us for our 30th Anniversary Cruise!

Would you like to get away for a second Honeymoon? No matter when you were Blessed, we welcome all couples to join with us in celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the 1275 couple Blessing together. Currently we have over 10 couples who have registered and until the end of May, you can reserve your Cabins for just $99/person.

For enquiries about bookings, please contact Gabriela Neuwirth at

Please join our Facebook Group to get more information:
You can also email Roger at to get more information

More Info on the MCS Seaside Caribbean Cruise

  • Departure is from Miami, Florida.
  • Destinations include San Juan~Puerto Rico; Charlotte Amalie~Virgin Islands; Philipsburg~St. Maarten; and Nassau~Bahamas.
  • Gabi Neuwirth (travel consultant) can book for couples with a US credit card and address:——917-328-7616.
  • One of the newest MCS ships can be viewed here.
  • 16 cabins reserved (more if needed): ten balcony, three ocean view, three interior.
  • Complimentary group cocktail party plus $50 onboard credit per cabin.
  • Two-people travel free when 15 couples confirm (with group lottery for two free tickets).
  • Deposit of $99 per cabin due in May 2018.
  • Final payment due in September 2018 (90 days prior to sailing).
  • Non-US couples can book online with the MSC website.
  • For more info, cruise advice, and Q&A, join the Facebook discussion group.
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