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Global Top Gun Youth 2018 - Young Adults

21-day workshop for young adults and CARP members
August 9 to 29

Video of CheongPyeong

We are excited to announce that the 2018 Global Top Gun Youth Workshop is taking place this year for the third time. True Mother is inviting 1,200 young adults, CARP members, university students, and high school students from all around the world, to join the GTG Youth this summer. The workshops will take place at the HJ Cultural Center (Cheongshim International Youth Center).

As you know, True Mother has been particularly investing in our Unificationist youth, and the GTGY workshop is one of the best opportunities to understand True Parents more deeply and connect with True Mother more closely. American participants will have a chance to meet and network with other young people from all over the world, who share the vision of making a contribution to humanity and supporting True Parents’ endeavors.

Some of the highlights of the workshop:

  • Special meeting with True Parents
  • Special holy ground pilgrimage where participants will visit historic places where True Parents have lived and offered devotion
  • Studying the Divine Principle and True Parents’ Life Course
  • Career path planning and leadership development so that participants can have more clarity on how they can contribute towards creating the substantial Cheon Il Guk
  • Cheong Pyeong special 2-day workshop

The Cheong Pyeong complex is also a special place for reflection and prayer for those who are seeking to make a new beginning or find clarity and purpose in life.

If interested, please apply online at GTGY 2018 – Registration and wait for an approval notice before purchasing your airplane ticket.

For any additional inquiries, please contact Nina Urbonia, who will be the GTGY Coordinator for North America, at ninataupier@gmail.comor 517-944-3858.

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