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CARP HyoJeong Trip 2018

Welcome to the 3rd Annual HyoJeong Trip!

Registration Deadline – May 25th
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This trip is not just for CARP members.
All young adults who want to inherit the culture of heart are invited

Two years ago, 36 CARP members traveled to Japan to inherit the roots of our movement. Last year (see picture below), True Mother told the 120 students that went that "when America multiplies three times, ten times and becomes 3,000 and 30,000, then America will stand. When America stands, the world will stand." We made a promise to her then that we would multiply our result and bring 360 young people next time (that's this summer!). Since then, they have been working hard locally to prepare, find, and become righteous people who will stand for True Parents. We currently have 200 participants from the US and 40 internationals signed up.

This is your opportunity to join us for international travel and experience the power of the Principle firsthand! Please read through everything, and fill out the form at the bottom before purchasing a ticket. 

The intention for this year’s trip is to unite with Mother Moon’s vision to bring more people into the culture of heart, the HyoJeong culture, and to unite the nations of Korea, Japan, and America. Our goal is to use our influence as America to influence the young people of our nation and inspire the young people in other nations to stand up for a culture of heart, to make a foundation for the peaceful reunification of North and South Korea, to inherit the HyoJeong culture, and to expand CARP after our return.   

This trip will help deepen one's personal life of faith, but the greater goal is to inherit the Heart of Hyojeong and become global citizens by sharing Principle with others. We see this trip as pivotal in educating and raising students to stand for God and True Parents on their campuses when they return. The target audience for this trip is college students but young adults and high school students are welcome to join. This trip is not just for CARP members but for all young adults who want to inherit the culture of heart. To prepare, we are asking all participants to read through the Divine Principle (red, blue, and yellow) before going on the trip.

Our goals for the trip are: 

1) To expand the culture of heart (of hyojeong, filial piety) by standing for True Parents and sharing about them with the world (witnessing)

2) For America, as the elder son nation, to lead in connecting and uniting the CARP students of Korea, Japan, and America to influence the young people of the world
3) To establish a foundation for peace and unity on Korean peninsula, True Parents' homeland
4) To establish and expand CARP in each region after the trip 

Check out our videos from the last two years!  

This year, we will be travelling to Japan and Korea from June 25th to July 11th!

Our program will include:

  • Networking with international CARP chapters
  • Visiting historic sites to CARP’s founders’ history
  • A 1000 student rally at Waseda University
  • Sightseeing
  • And more!!!

Participants are responsible for two fees: their round-trip ticket to Japan and a $500 workshop fee. All other food, lodging, transportation will be covered. Participants should arrive in Japan by 5pm on June 26th (Narita Airport is preferred but Haneda is okay. Most will need to leave America on the 25th). Participants can find a return ticket from Japan after 3pm on July 11th. Participants need to confirm their participation by registering at (this site also provides helpful information about the trip including the schedule). 


American Participants:

  • Read at least the colored parts of the Exposition of the Divine Principle
  • Cost will be $500 plus your round-trip ticket to Japan

International Participants:

  • Can speak either Japanese or English
  • Read at least the colored parts of the Exposition of the Divine Principle
  • Cost will be $1000 plus your round-trip ticket to Japan

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jennifer Pierce at!

For confirmation two items are required:

  • Itinerary
  • picture of their passport, since we will purchase their ticket to Korea.

We are now also collecting registration fees.

  • Send in your registration fee using this link:
  • or send a check to National CARP at 481 8th Ave Box A6, New York, NY 10001.
  • Make checks payable to “NCARP” with ‘Hyojeong Trip registration fee’ in the memo.
  • Work out a payment plan by contacting Jennifer Pierce directly.  The last option would be to pay the local leaders via check or cash.


If you’d like to help make this trip possible,
please support us by donating!