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Learn to Teach the Divine Principle


Empower your life of faith through a deeper understanding of the Divine Principle–when you attend our special, 7-day Divine Principle Lecture Training Intensive!

This June, we have an exciting opportunity for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of the Divine Principle: a 7-day lecture training intensive, complete with one-on-one lecture practice, spiritual and practical guidance on lecturing, and a lecture competition.

Upon successfully completing this intensive, you can become a nationally certified lecturer of a 1- or 2-day Divine Principle seminar, empowering your local community with the invaluable service of sharing True Parents’ core teachings with confidence. Top lecturers will also be considered as candidates for future lecture training internships at IPEC, where they will be able to practice lecturing under the guidance of Rev. Andrew Compton, our national director of education at IPEC.

The purpose of the intensive is to prepare participants to teach the Divine Principle with confidence after the seminar ends. In this spirit, we are also developing a 3-month follow-up program for those who choose to continue their training back home, including monthly check-ins, support for local lecture practice, and guidance on the application the Principle in daily life.

Our long-term goal is to create a track for would-be lecturers of True Parents’ teachings, raising up a new generation of teachers who can convey God and True Parents’ heart and hope wherever they go in life.

This intensive is the first step in that track. Apply for our first ever Lecture Training Intensive, scheduled to run from June 13-19, 2018 today, and take your first steps toward becoming a master of the Divine Principle.

Applications are due by May 20, 11:59:59 PST!