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“Peace Starts With Me” in Vienna


As True Mother prepares for “Peace Starts With Me” in Vienna, The National Ministry Team invites everyone to attend and experience the amazing rally in person. Join the rally, meet and bond with European Unificationists, and tour the beautiful city of Vienna in this wonderful visit! 

Here are a few details about the events that will be available to attend during the week: 

  • Launch of International Association for Peace and Development (IAPD) Europe: This is a Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Europe and Middle East event within an International Leadership Conference. For those interested, please connect with UPF for availability. 
  • Launch of Youth and Students for Peace (YSP) Europe: Those who are interested need to register by going to – which is also the main website for the event.
  • 10,000 Rally with True Mother: Everybody is welcome. European Office will hold tickets for the American participants, so it is advisable to register with us, once the registration is up.
  • Victory Celebration with True Mother: As the venue may be too small, we cannot guarantee that everyone can participate. If they secure a bigger venue, everybody will be welcome. 
  • Special Liberation Ceremony: It is a two hours bus trip from Vienna. If we have our own organized bus, we can join, otherwise, there isn’t likely to be space.

Registration Notes:

  • Registration Fees
    • $300 for April 27- May 1; $350 for April 27-May 2
    • Double occupancy (shared room) in Hotel Bellevue at Althanstraße 5, 1090 Wien for no additional fee.
    • Rates include breakfast at the hotel, transportation from the hotel to the main event, and a half-day sightseeing tour of Vienna. 
  • Additional Fees
    • For those who do not want roommates for their hotel rooms, there will be a $500 fee until May 1, and a $600 until May 2.